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Sacred Geometry in Washington, D.C.

On a recent trip to Washington, D.C., I took some time to study the sacred geometry of the city. Sacred geometry means building in harmony with nature‚Äôs designs, such as using the golden mean or Fibonacci spiral, and reflecting cosmic … Continue reading

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Cover Art for New Novel

Here’s the new cover art for my next novel. It will be available April 7th from Eternal Press.

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Suddenly everything got busy. I just finished edits for the new edition of Under the Stone Paw, which will be published by Double Dragon in April. I’m in the middle of finishing edits for Beneath the Hallowed Hill, also due … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Egypt!

I’ve been so caught up watching the news about the Egyptian Revolution, that I didn’t discuss it on my website. Stephen Mehler leads tours to Egypt and I’ve been with him three times, plus live through all his comings and … Continue reading

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Happy Imbolc!! Bridgit’s fire half way between winter solstice and the spring equinox, when the life force stirs in the outer world. A time to take out your seeds and decide what to plant for this year.

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Broadly Speaking

Here’s the latest podcast from Broad Universe: Welcome to the very first Broadly Speaking edition of the Broad Pod. Broadly Speaking brings you interviews and insights from women writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror – and all the realms … Continue reading

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