Congratulations to Egypt!

I’ve been so caught up watching the news about the Egyptian Revolution, that I didn’t discuss it on my website. Stephen Mehler leads tours to Egypt and I’ve been with him three times, plus live through all his comings and goings to Egypt each year. We are very close with a family in Nazlet El Saman, the village right next to the Sphinx and the Giza Plateau.

We were all inspired by the courage and persistence of the Egyptian people standing in Tahrir Square, finding ways to communicate with each other, switching from Facebook to Twitter to other sites, then back again to stay ahead of the Thought Police. They have succeeded! Congratulations!

Now we all hold them in our thoughts, we pay attention still, to be sure that opposition parties have time and freedom to organize, that free and fair elections they were promised do happen, that jobs are created for people who need to support their families.

Thank you, Egypt, for shining the light for the world and giving us all hope.


About Theresa Crater

Award-winning author Theresa Crater brings ancient temples, lost civilizations and secret societies back to life in her visionary fiction. In The Star Family, a Gothic mansion holds a secret spiritual group and a 400-year-old ritual that must be completed to save the day. The shadow government search for ancient Atlantean weapons in the fabled Hall of Records in Under the Stone Paw and fight to control ancient crystals sunk beneath the sea in Beneath the Hallowed Hill. Other novels include School of Hard Knocks and God in a Box, both exploring women in historical context. Her short stories explore ancient myth brought into the present day. The most recent include “The Judgment of Osiris” and “Bringing the Waters.” Theresa has also published poetry and a baker’s dozen of literary criticism. Currently, she teaches meditation, as well as creative writing and British lit.
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