Sacred Geometry in Washington, D.C.

On a recent trip to Washington, D.C., I took some time to study the sacred geometry of the city. Sacred geometry means building in harmony with nature’s designs, such as using the golden mean or Fibonacci spiral, and reflecting cosmic principles in your work. Washington, D.C., built by Masons, is filled with sacred geometry, and I didn’t have time to see it all. The Freemasons and the Rosicrucians saved spiritual teachings from the forces of Western culture that were out to suppress them, which is quite contrary to what is said of them in some conspiracy theories. 

Lately, I’ve been working a lot with the Tree of Life. One of the aspects of the Tree of Life I saw reflected repeatedly in the U.S. Capitol City is the placement of images representing Geburah and Gedulah. Geburah represents the principle of Severity, while Gedulah represents Mercy. Geburah is Mars while Gedulah is Jupiter. We know these in the Lord’s Prayer as “the power and the glory.” In D.C., Mercy is often called “Justice”, Severity “Law”. These two Sephirah stand opposite each other on the Tree, bringing a balance of these two opposing principles to life, to the community and to the individual. We need them both, for without Mercy, Justice grows too severe. Without Justice, Mercy goes soft and allows abuse.

The entrance to the Supreme Court.




Here at the entrance to the Supreme Court, you can see how the two statues representing these principles are always placed on opposite sides, showing how they are supposed to balance each other in perfect harmony.

The entrance to one of the Senate Office buildings.

Mercy here called Justice

Severity here called Law

The entrance to the National Archives.



Our nation’s capitol is set up to bring balance to these two great forces of life and to ensure that they guide the U.S. government. Next time you visit Washington, D.C., enliven both these priniciples by visiting the places where Law and Justice are represented. Take a moment to meditate there or envision these principles operating without impediment. Yes we can make a difference.

Here are some books that will teach you more about the sacred geometry of Washington, D.C.
Solomon’s Builders, by Christopher Hodapp
The Secrets of Masonic Washington, by James Wasserman
The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital, by David Ovason


About Theresa Crater

Award-winning author Theresa Crater brings ancient temples, lost civilizations and secret societies back to life in her visionary fiction. In The Star Family, a Gothic mansion holds a secret spiritual group and a 400-year-old ritual that must be completed to save the day. The shadow government search for ancient Atlantean weapons in the fabled Hall of Records in Under the Stone Paw and fight to control ancient crystals sunk beneath the sea in Beneath the Hallowed Hill. Other novels include School of Hard Knocks and God in a Box, both exploring women in historical context. Her short stories explore ancient myth brought into the present day. The most recent include “The Judgment of Osiris” and “Bringing the Waters.” Theresa has also published poetry and a baker’s dozen of literary criticism. Currently, she teaches meditation, as well as creative writing and British lit.
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