Under the Stone Paw


A forgotten family legacy.CoverFinalMD-UnderTheStonePaw
Six crystal keys.
One shot at unlocking the secrets beneath the Sphinx.

Anne Le Clair, a successful, young attorney, has always managed to remain free from her family’s gothic past—until now. When she inherits her eccentric aunt’s antique necklace though, she finds no escape from its secrets. Anne is immersed in a crash course of forbidden wisdom, secret societies, and her family’s own legacy.

She soon discovers that her aunt’s necklace is one of just six powerful “keys” that, when combined with the other five at the appointed time, unlocks the legendary Hall of Records. However, another group, the shadowy Illuminati, is working behind the scenes to uncover the same powerful secrets—and make them their own.

Filled with richly drawn characters and exotic locales, Under the Stone Paw is a classic page-turner effortlessly carrying us from a time before Jesus and Mary Magdalene sought to free humanity to our own time when a consortium of powerful individuals threaten to control it.

• A finely-crafted, engrossing debut that will delight and satisfy fans of The Da Vinci Code.
• A thrill ride from the upper crust of New York society to the forbidden tunnels underneath the Sphinx.
• Updates the standard male hero with a young heroine confronting her family’s mysterious past.

Katherine Kurtz, author of the Adept series, says “ . . . one of the best esoteric novels of the past decade. Crater knows her way around Egypt and its mysteries. Evil Illuminati, ancient artifacts, and conspiracies abound. Surpasses the Da Vinci Code.”

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Bajo la Garra de Piedra

Want to read it in Spanish? Just click the cover picture.


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