Beneath the Hallowed Hill

Power Places Series ✬ Book 2CoverFinalMD-BeneathTheHallowedHill

The Illuminati have opened a hole in time.
Now one of them is stepping through. 

Anne Le Clair travels to Glastonbury with her fiancée, Egyptologist and mystic Michael Levy, to investigate a house she inherited from her mysterious aunt. After their adventures in Egypt, they could both use a rest, but they find trouble waiting.

One of Avalon’s sacred twin springs is failing. Together, Anne and Michael try to restore the water flow, but discover there is much more at stake: the Illuminati master Alexander

Cagliostro has activated an ancient crystal tower, tearing a hole in time which threatens much more than one sacred spring.

Meanwhile in ancient Atlantis, Megan, priestess of the Crystal Matrix Chamber, flees the destruction of her world carrying a vital artifact to Avalon where it will be safe.

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