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Justice and Mercy: Finding the Balance

The recent US election results have created a storm of reaction, ranging from let’s revolt, even violently, to let’s all be kind to each other and hope nothing bad happens. These are two expressions of the two spiritual forces of … Continue reading

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Knowledge is Structured in Consciousness

Now we come to an interesting aspect of states of consciousness. I talked about the seven states of consciousness in an earlier blog and described the subjective experience of each (to some degree). For example, while we’re sleeping, we have … Continue reading

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The Seven States of Consciousness

The Vedas teach there are seven states of consciousness and we are equipped to experience them all. They each have their own subjective and objective reality. Waking State. Yeah, that’s just your ordinary being awake and experiencing the world in … Continue reading

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“Who Am I to Pray for Him?”

Pope Francis keeps asking everyone he meets to pray for him. He asks throngs of people, all the attendees of his mass at Madison Square Garden, powerful leaders, rich people, and poor people. And many have the same reaction that … Continue reading

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The Star Family Now Available

  NOW AVAILABLE THE STAR FAMILY by Theresa Crater A secret spiritual group A recurring dream A 400-hunderd year old ritual must be completed before it is too late Jane Frey inherits a Gothic mansion filled with unexpected treasures. A … Continue reading

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The Serapeum

On our tour to Egypt in April, I was finally able to visit the Serapeum, and Oh My God! We walked down steps into the ground, then down some more. We turned left next to a large box and walked … Continue reading

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Sekhmet, Coming to Balance

On this trip, seeing Sekhmet was the day I shed the world. She is one of my reliable spiritual connections. She always sets me straight. When Stephen and I first got into a relationship, he used to give me Sekhmet … Continue reading

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