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Justice and Mercy: Finding the Balance

The recent US election results have created a storm of reaction, ranging from let’s revolt, even violently, to let’s all be kind to each other and hope nothing bad happens. These are two expressions of the two spiritual forces of … Continue reading

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Knowledge is Structured in Consciousness

Now we come to an interesting aspect of states of consciousness. I talked about the seven states of consciousness in an earlier blog and described the subjective experience of each (to some degree). For example, while we’re sleeping, we have … Continue reading

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The Seven States of Consciousness

The Vedas teach there are seven states of consciousness and we are equipped to experience them all. They each have their own subjective and objective reality. Waking State. Yeah, that’s just your ordinary being awake and experiencing the world in … Continue reading

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Unity Consciousness

In my novels, many of the characters experience altered or higher states of consciousness. I’ve based these experiences on the teachings of the Vedas and Western Metaphysics, but in truth, all the world’s traditions recognize these as our true human … Continue reading

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