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I recently wrote a review for the book Masculinity, Senses, Spirit, which “examines the complex interrelationship between gender, sexuality, and the realms of the spirit and the senses in the Atlantic world from the Eighteenth century to the present,” (from … Continue reading

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Visionary Fiction: New Views of an Old Religion

Here’s my blog over at Visionary Fiction Alliance. I think that Dan Brown, Kathleen McGowan, and Kate Mosse all write visionary fiction. They have taken Christianity and given the world a new view of it. They’ve explored something we all … Continue reading

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Comenius and the Rosicrucians

In The Star Family I suggested that Comenius was a Rosicrucian, therefore having strong ties to mysticism and the Western Metaphysical tradition. How true is this? First, who is Comenius? Born Jan Amos Komenský in 1592 in in the town … Continue reading

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The Sacred Spring

The climax of The Star Family takes place at the source of a sacred spring that flows out into Washington Park. Does such a place exist? Washington Park exists. I played in the park as a child in a mossy … Continue reading

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Rosicrucians, Moravians and The Thirty Years War

Last week I talked about how Frederick V and Elizabeth wanted to create an ideal court based in Rosicrucian teachings, according to Frances Yates (The Rosicrucian Enlightenment). They moved their court from Heidelberg to Prague. The Protestant estates of Bohemia … Continue reading

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Frances Yates and The Rosicrucian Enlightenment

Frances Yates’ book on the importance of the Rosicrucians in the European Enlightenment became a critical part of my research for The Star Family. She helped deepen my conviction that several important Moravian church leaders were also part of the … Continue reading

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Moravian Writers’ Conference

I will be a panelist at the Moravian Writers’ Conference in Bethlehem, PA in June. My panel is called “Writing Moravians:  Stories from the Archives.” I’ll be talking about the research behind my novel The Star Family with writers from Lehigh … Continue reading

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